A Water Filter Will Filter Out Microplastics

Today, more than ever before in human history, we are exposed to contaminated water through the effects of plastic pollution and other factors. This has become a major concern for scientist in health organizations around the world. The only way to guarantee safe, healthy drinking water for you an your family is to buy a … Continued

The New Aragon Water Filter

  Developed in Eastern Europe, this unique Aragon water filter cartridge is based on the innovative, patented Aragon Media. It has been extensively tested by Certified Laboratories in Europe, to effectively remove chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and heavy metals as well as sediment down to >2 microns.   Advantages of the Aragon Water Filter New SGS-polymers: Space … Continued

36 Eye Opening Facts About Water

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 as the first World Water Day. And with good reason – without water, we’d be nothing. Just dust. Water is one of the most common substances on earth, and one of the most vital; it’s a tremendously valuable resource, yet one we squander and pollute … Continued

Microplastics and Your Health

Plastic pollution has become a major threat to the health of both humans and sea life. These small pieces of plastic pollution, less than five millimetres long, can be harmful to the ocean and aquatic life. Sea life are ingesting these microplastics. In turn, humans are also ingesting these microplastics when eating the very sea … Continued

What is in YOUR Drinking Water? Need a Water Filter?

A water filter is a sure way to make sure that you have safe drinking water for you and your family! With the widest range of products at the best price guaranteed, our friendly and knowledgable staff can find the perfect system for you!   A water filter is a excellent way to purify your drinking … Continued

Communities Exposed to Toxic Water

  In what can only be described as a shocking health hazard, a new report shows that certain communities have been exposed to toxic water in their water supply for decades! An investigation from the ABC’s Four Corners team has revealed families living near several Australian Army bases unknowingly exposed themselves to potentially cancer-causing chemicals … Continued

Protect your family from Toxic Tank Water.

  Many Australian’s rely on tank water for drinking, so it’s important to know how to keep that water safe! Many may think that rain water is safe to drink without being treated before consumption. However, experts say that untreated rainwater is actually considered not safe for human consumption! Not only can bacteria thrive in … Continued

Say NO to Plastic Water Bottles?

Our everyday life is full of plastic. Plastic is all around us. Practically everything we own and use is made from plastic, and is having a huge impact on the environment! One plastic product that has a huge impact on the environment and causes unnecessary ecological damage is the single use plastic water bottle. The … Continued

4 Reasons to Love Alkaline Water Filters

  There’s nothing like the satisfaction of Alkaline Water. Knowing that your drinking water is absolutely pure and germ-free. A high quality under-sink filter not only safely and efficiently removes all the microorganisms and harmful chemicals from regular water but the alkaline water it provides you can do wonders to your health as well. With … Continued

Rain Water Filters and Whole House Water Filter

  How do you know if you need a whole house water filter, under-sink water filter or a rainwater filter? How to choose the best water filtration system for your needs? To help our customers, our experts here at The Water Shop have prepared a checklist of some helpful points that you can use to … Continued

Reverse Osmosis Undersink Water Filter

  Reverse osmosis is probably the most effective method to filter water. Whether you have a RO under sink filter or a benchtop filter in your home, reverse osmosis filtration technique can effectively remove almost all the contaminants present in regular drinking water. In this filtration method, water is passed through a membrane having billions … Continued

When It’s Time for the Best Water Filter Cartridges

  Do you need the best water filter cartridges? Clean and safe drinking water is increasingly becoming scarce. The vast majority of water on the earth is saline. Only a limited number of water bodies provide freshwater across the globe. This is why the authorities have built water treatment plants throughout Australia. These plants filter … Continued