In recent years the need for Chlorine and Fluoride removal from our water supply has become more and more urgent.

Many problems can exist within a public water supply. But we never think of the Chlorine and Fluoride added to our water being harmful, considering these very chemicals are added to it to keep it safe.

Why Is It Important

A 2012 study revealed high levels of fluoride to low IQ and other health issues.

Since this study many have shown great concern over the adverse health effects from the consumption of fluoride.

Although fluoride has been known to occur naturally in water, it is this increased level of fluoride that has been highlighted as a real danger.

Additionally, Chlorine has also been revealed as a very harmful substance.

Although being added to the water supply as a disinfectant, chlorine can cause some major health problems.

One example According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality is the cancer risk to people who drink chlorinated water, which is 93 percent higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.

Many have also expressed great concern over the fact that this is often a nation wide initiative without the general population getting to chose what they drink. Concerns have been raised that this is mass medicating.

How Our Filters Work

The fluoride removal media is the same mineral that rubies and sapphires (corundum) are made from, in crystalline form.

The process of ‘selective adsorption’ is a physical/ chemical reaction whereby the fluoride ions are removed by binding to the media’s oxidised surface.

This highly porous media has a large surface area of 200meter² per gram for optimal filtration.

A Must Have For Every Household

Water does not have to be unsafe!

A simple and very cost effective solution is to use our Chlorine and Fluoride removal Filters.

These filters will remove almost all contaminants within a domestic water supply to a filtration efficiency of up to 99.99%.

The cost of such a filtration systems is as low as a few cents a litre! Much cheaper and safer than bottled water.

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