chlorine water filters


Keeping a watch over the food products that your family consumes can be quite useful. However, many people remain blissfully unaware that the water they’re consuming is not all that healthy. Water filters can typically eliminate odours, bad taste, sediments and particulate matter from water. But, not all water filter systems can remove dissolved chlorine from water. The regular intake of chlorine could lead to various kinds of health-related issues. This is why chlorine water filters have become a necessity these days.


What Does a Chlorine Water Filter Do?

A chlorine water filter helps in removing dissolved chlorine from water. Chlorine filters are usually spherical or cylindrical in shape. They will usually feature carbon filters that contain a layer of carbon granules or blocks. These granules or blocks will remain encased in plastic shells or canisters. The activated carbon within these filters typically comprises charcoal. Charcoal is extremely porous. This makes it invaluable when it comes to absorbing chlorine and other substances.

Chlorine water filters are usually a part of water softeners. They function on the ion exchange principle, although they use activated carbon and resins for filtering dissolved chlorine. Some chlorine filters use zeolite as well. These filters are common in bathroom showers, water softeners etc. The presence of chlorine in bathing and drinking water can be harmful. It could lead damage the cells in your body. It could cause irritated lungs and skin-related issues too. Chlorine water filters prevent the skin from becoming rough and dehydrated. In addition, they ensure that you don’t end up consuming harmful levels of chlorine either.


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