Doulton Filters


Junk, sediments, chemicals, microorganisms, heavy metals and other assorted items typically contaminate water from the municipal supply and the ground well. This is why it’s necessary to filter this water. People ignoring this will invariably end up contracting various waterborne diseases. This is why water filtration systems (such as Doulton filters) are so necessary these days. Water filtration systems typically feature a series of filters that eliminate sediments, heavy metals, chemicals and microorganisms from the water. This makes the water fit for consumption. It also ensures that the water tastes and smells good as well.


What Makes Doulton Filters Such an Attractive Proposition to Many Australian Households Nowadays?

In the 1800s, the Thames was the main source of water for the residents of London. But, the water in the river was unfit for drinking. In 1827, Henry Doulton invented the modern version of the ceramic candle sanitary water filter. He found that filtering water through a porous ceramic material could prevent people from contracting various waterborne diseases. Since then, Doulton water filters have become popular the world over.

These filters are increasingly becoming popular across Australia because they:

  • Provide a highly effective barrier to particles and pathogens as the pore structure in the filter can filter out anything that exceeds 0.2 microns in size
  • Offer long-term value as you can clean and re-use them
  • Feature natural ceramic made from natural earths and coconut shell carbon
  • Do not remove the minerals that are beneficial to your health
  • Feature trace elements of silver to inhibit microbiological growth within the ceramic element and,
  • Provide multi-stage filtration in one cartridge for safer and purer water


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