Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Our range of reverse osmosis membranes.


Our range of reverse osmosis membranes.

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Item # Description
IT000758 RO Filmtec 24 TFC
IT000759 RO Filmtec 36 TFC
IT000760 RO Filmtec 50 TFC
IT000761 RO Filmtec 75 TFC
IT000762 Q5572 TFC 35GPD
IT001905 RO Filmtec 100 TFC
IT000765 RO CTA 18 GPD
IT002277 WS Filmtec 36 TFC
IT002257 WS Filmtec 50 TFC
IT002258 WS Filmtec 75 TFC
IT002280 WS Filmtec 100 TFC
IT002080 Q5572 RH 100GPD
IT002761 Q5572 WL 100GPD
IT000764 Q5562 RH 100GPD

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