Leak Stopper & Filter Life Monitor

The Leak Stopper & Filter Life Monitor is your best means to prevent water damage and the inconvenience associated with it.

When moisture is detected by the metal contacts the alarm is triggered and the unit activates the solenoid valve to shut off the water supply to the appliance. The Leak Warning indicator will continuously blink blue. The alarm will continue to sound until the unit is manually reset.

After resolving the leak, press and hold the reset button for 4 seconds – the unit will then generate a long “beep” sound and reset the solenoid valve.

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  • Water leak control with alarm & auto shut off
  • Low battery power alert
  • Colour coded lights indicating filter life status
  • Easy installation and operation

Have peace of mind knowing when to change your water filter cartridges. Depending on the life remaining within your filter cartridge the Cartridge Maintenance Indicator will signal a different coloured light. An alarm will also trigger when time is running short for your cartridges to be replaced.

When the battery power of your unit is low, the water supply will automatically be shut off. The Battery Life Indicator will blink yellow and generate a beep sound every 2 seconds to notify the user. Replacing the battery will release the alert and turn on the water supply.

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