reverse osmosis filters


Reverse osmosis is probably the most effective method to filter water. Whether you have a RO under sink filter or a benchtop filter in your home, reverse osmosis filtration technique can effectively remove almost all the contaminants present in regular drinking water. In this filtration method, water is passed through a membrane having billions of small pores to remove all types of contaminants.

Moreover, many reverse osmosis systems come with multi-stage filtration that uses certain other processes in combination with reverse osmosis. No matter the extent of contamination in water, RO under sink filter can turn it into high quality, great tasting and absolutely pure water instantly.

Under sink RO filters offered at The Water Shop use technologically advanced membranes that are proven to be effective against a number of contaminants found in regular water supply.

Moreover, an under sink filter takes a very little space and can be tucked away from the working space. This is certainly a good way to make your kitchen clutter-free and well organized. According to your specific needs, you can choose from a number of models available at The Water Shop. Here are some of the reasons why our RO under sink filter is a great choice for your home.

  1. Cutting-Edge Quality: All our filtration systems are well known for several advantages such as high quality tubing, top grade fittings and an easy to use functionality.
  1. Easy Installation: Our systems can be installed under an hour even without using any specialised tools. Every system comes with detailed instructions and easy to use fittings that make the installation process a cakewalk for anyone.
  1. Durable And Maintenance Free: Under sink reverse osmosis water filters as well as other systems available at The Water shop have to go through some stringent quality testing before we offer them to our customers. Additionally, our systems have a high storage capacity for everyday use and are virtually maintenance-free during their lifespan.


At The Water Shop, we believe that to keep your drinking water safe and healthy, you need a water filtration system that can successfully eliminate almost all kinds of contaminants in it. Reverse osmosis under sink water filter is a perfect solution to accomplish this goal at an affordable price. For more guidance, contact The Water Shop by calling (02) 9458 1111!


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