whole house water filter


The need for purified drinking water continues to increase with each passing day. This is why water filtration systems are necessary in each household these days. Suppliers of water filtration systems stock a diverse range of systems to suit an assortment of consumers. Of these, the whole house water filter system is perhaps the most popular.


The Aspects to Consider When Purchasing a Whole House Water Filter

Whole house water filters can treat all the water entering a house. Installers will usually install them at the point of entry. This will typically be the location from where water enters the house. These filters will treat the water even before the water enters the pipelines leading into the house. Given this diverse range of options available, it’s best to select your whole house water filter with care. Some aspects that you must consider include:

  • The Flow Rate: This denotes the amount of water available to use throughout the house. This will usually range from 20 to 150 litres per minute.
  • The Filter Size: The larger the size of the filter, the more water it will filter with greater pressure. Larger filters also do not require frequent servicing.
  • The Filter Life: The sediment filter life will vary based on the sediment quantity and quality. Go through the specifications of the product for more details.
  • The Port Size: This should ideally be one inch. A one-inch port will be able to minimise any pressure drops in the water supply. In addition, it will be able to filter more than sufficient water to each corner of the house.


Get Peace of Mind by Installing the Best Water Filtration System in Your House

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