Sprite Shower Filter


Quite a number of people across the country will have purchased water filtration systems for their homes and offices. This is but natural. Given the scarcity of pure water, not many people want to rely on tap water without filtering it. However, an increasing number of people are also exploring the option of filtering their shower and bath water as well. They are accomplishing this by purchasing filtration devices such as the Sprite shower filter. This filter is instrumental in eliminating dangerous toxins.


Why Purchasing a Sprite Shower Filter Can be a Worthwhile Decision

The water that comes through your taps will usually contain chlorine. Water treatment plants usually add chlorine to rid water of all kinds of microorganisms. Unfortunately, chlorine isn’t exactly a beneficial chemical. So, while it will eliminate the harmful bacteria, it could also be getting rid of beneficial microorganisms. Experts opine that people could absorb more chlorine from a single 10-minute shower than by drinking two litres of chlorinated water.

However, when people take showers, they invariably inhale a lot of chlorine vapours. These vapours enter the bloodstream and can pose a significant risk of cancer. To eliminate this, people are increasingly purchasing shower filters. Sprite shower filters rely on Kinetic Degradation Fluxion and Chlorgon media for filtering water. This enables these filters to:

  • Filter out Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals e.g. lead and copper
  • Minimise the body’s exposure to chlorine and disinfection by-products
  • Maintain free-flowing water and,
  • Improve the texture of a person’s skin and hair


The Water Shop – Your One-Stop Shop for All Kinds of Water Filter Systems

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Image Source: Flickr / Paintzen