Plastic pollution has become a major threat to the health of both humans and sea life.

These small pieces of plastic pollution, less than five millimetres long, can be harmful to the ocean and aquatic life. Sea life are ingesting these microplastics. In turn, humans are also ingesting these microplastics when eating the very sea life in our seafood products.

This becomes a extremely hazardous toxic risk to both humans and animals alike. Toxin exposure through plastic ingestion could affect many biological processes, such as growth and reproduction, with even further possible risks including reduced nutritional uptake and damage to the digestive system when these microplastics are ingested.

There has been an estimated 8.3 tonnes of virgin plastic created to date. 9% of this plastic has been recycled, 12% has been incinerated, leaving a huge 79% of all the plastic being left in landfills and natural environments all over the earth. Many scientist feel that this has reached a critical point, commenting that if current trends continue there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste affecting the earth by 2050.

Filtering your drinking water is not only cheaper and healthier for you, providing you with the best quality water available, but it is also the best environmentally friendly solution to the plastic waste that is plaguing our planet.

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