whole house water filters

Whole house water filter


A sizeable number of Australian households rely on the water that flows from their taps for drinking water. But, at some point in the piping network, contaminants could mix with the treated water and make it unfit for consumption. To remedy this, it is best to invest in whole house water filter systems. These systems can eliminate odours, sediments and other contaminants with minimal fuss.


What Kinds of Filtration Systems Do Whole House Water Filter Systems Typically Feature?

Whole house water systems feature a diverse range of water purification technologies. These typically include:

  • Activated Carbon Adsorption: These filters comprise a matrix of millions of microscopic pores. They trap microscopic particles and large organic molecules. These filters rid water of chlorines, chloramines, chemicals, gases and odours.
  • Sediment Filtration: These filters can remove suspended contaminants from the water. Such contaminants could include sand, silt, dirt, scale and organic matter.
  • Ion-Exchange: Ion exchange beads are a feature of water softeners. The filtration system treats these spherical resin beads with special solutions. This facilitates the exchange of negatively or positively charged ions with minerals and metals in the water.
  • Catalytic Conversion: This process treats water hardness and scale without using salt. Traditional water softeners rely on ion-exchange for removing calcium and magnesium. In contrast, salt-free catalytic conversion systems treat the water by changing the properties of these minerals without removing them.
  • Oxidation Reduction: This method uses the principles of electrochemical oxidation, reduction and adsorption for removing various contaminants from the water.
  • Ultraviolet Sterilisation: This uses ultraviolet light for eliminating various microorganisms. These short-wavelength rays disrupt and attack microbial DNA, thereby preventing them from functioning and reproducing.


Get the Best Water Filter System that Suits Your Requirement and Your Budget Perfectly

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