Doulton Filters


Apart from its effectiveness, a major advantage of an under sink filter is that it makes your kitchen clutter free, less messy and more efficient. The fact that it’s always out of sight means that it can help you create a sophisticated look for your kitchen that will impress your guests or anyone who enters your kitchen.

An under sink filter from a trusted brand like Doulton filter systems can help you attain a kitchen that is minimal, sleek, and most importantly, tidy. It is in fact the most hygienic way to purify your water.

When it comes to efficiency and ability to filter water, an under sink filter is second to none. Let’s have a look at some of the prominent advantages of under sink water filters.

  1. High Capacity: An under sink water filter is the most preferred choice in hospitality industry where running out of pure water is not an option. This fact alone says a lot about the huge ‘litre per hour’ capacity of under sink Doulton filter. When you’ve an under sink filter installed in your home, you won’t have to wait to enjoy filtered water whenever you want to.
  1. Save Benchtop Space: Another major reason why many people, especially those with busy kitchens and in restaurant business, prefer an under sink filter is the amount of benchtop space it can help them save. It allows them to keep everything tucked away without sacrificing the functionality. When it comes to health and safety, a hidden water filter is the probably best option for health conscious homeowners. All you’ll see are the taps that allows you to pour filtered water with absolute ease.
  1. Minimal yet Effective: You’ll instantly notice the difference between your regular tap water and filtered water. Filtered water is clear, odourless and tasteless. It can do wonders to your health in the long run.

A sleek under sink water filter is a great solution for modern kitchens. It is affordable and quite easy to maintain when compared to most other systems.

These are just a few of the benefits of an under sink Doulton filter. To find out more about under sink filters as well other popular systems from some of the best brands in Australia, visit The Watershop today!


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