Rainwater Filter


Filter ideal for rainwater with flow rates up to 5.2m3/h for installation after the rainwater tank and pumping system. Complete with high efficiency manual backwashing capability, 50 micron anti-scale screen and threaded female unions for easy connection to the rainwater piping system.

Dirt particles washed from the roofs of buildings into the rainwater storage tank are pumped to toilet flushing, washing machines, hose cocks, garden sprinklers and the like. The consequences are discoloured water, staining of toilet pans, failure of isolating and control valves and blockages to nozzles on sprinkler systems and associated equipment.

Therefore a protective rainwater filter installed after the pumping system is important in order to protect all equipment that is supplied with the harvested rainwater system.

Made in Germany



Due to the fact that rainwater can be quite aggressive and corrosive, the Rainwater Filter is manufactured entirely from UV resistant plastic. The filter is fitted with a manual backwash system. To use, simply open the drain valve, turn off the rotating knob on the head and the dirt particles are removed from the micron screen and flushed through the drain valve